Dawn's PhotoHi! Thanks for checking out DR Simpson Gallery.

I’m Dawn Simpson.   I’m a number cruncher by day but definitely more of a creative type on my off time.  My first and primary art love is photography.

I also dabble in acrylic paint and have discovered a new love in Zentangle-inspired ink.  I’ve tried playing piano, but I don’t have the rhythm God gave dirt, so I gave that up.

I also consider cooking to be an art.  I write on two blogs.  Veggie Product Reviews is a blog recently started with my friends Julie and Amanda where we (obviously) review vegan products. Coming soon is Eating the Free Way (formerly Veg-am – still at the old location for now) is my personal gluten-free, soy-free, vegan blog.  These blogs are a great way for me to combine cooking and photography.

I love to play tennis and can be super competitive.  That competitive streak carries over to playing cards (particularly Nertz) and air hockey. Ok, it carries over to pretty much everything.

I like to read, but never seem to have the time to do as much as I’d like. That’s probably because I watch too many Hallmark movies.

In case you’ve visited DR Simpson Gallery before and are looking for my old 365 project (photo-a-day), it’s been merged with the main blog.  I’m planning to pick up the 365 project again in January and try to make it the whole year!  I’m also going to change up the blog a bit and write about more than my own photography in the future.

Once it’s fully under way, the shop will include photos and some of my drawings. Check the description, some of the drawings are originals and some are reproductions – this is also reflected in the price.  There are a couple things there now, but more coming soon!