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365 Project: January 22-24

January 22


The freezing rain (and still a little sick) kept me inside yet again.  I love the look of freezing rain on the door screen and the foggy view of the tree out back.

D R Simpson Gallery: January 22,, 2016 #drsimpsongallery #drsimpson365 #365project #ncwx #ice #snowday




January 23

Still icy with a tiny bit of snow added since yesterday

D R Simpson Gallery: January 23, 2016 #drsimpsongallery #drsimpson365 #365project #ncwx #ice #snowday

So a nice warm fruit crisp with melty whipped coconut cream was in order.

D R Simpson Gallery: January 23, 2016 #drsimpsongallery #drsimpson365 #365project #ncwx #snowday #vegan #glutenfree

January 24

The sun is finally out and is illuminating and melting the ice.

D R Simpson Gallery: January 24, 2016 #drsimpsongallery #drsimpson365 #365project #ncwx #ice #sun

I have a confession to make (and a peek at Christmas cards)

It’s a little known fact that part of me always wished I were Jewish. My belief that the Messiah did come would strictly prohibit me from converting, but still. So you might wonder why I’m so fascinated. Part of it’s their rich history and their connection to it. But I must admit most of it is a lot more shallow than that: the items they use in their ceremonies and celebrations are so beautiful! I always have to take a trip into the Judaica exhibit when I go to the NC Museum of Art. It’s my absolute favorite! And the Hanukkah decorations of blue and silver? LOVE those!

One year at Christmas it hit me…Jesus probably doesn’t really care what color my Christmas tree decorations are! So I branched out beyond the red, green, and gold and decorated my tree in blue and silver. There were some blue and silver balls and blue and white candy canes at the store, but most of the blue and silver decorations were way too expensive. So I picked up some beads and made blue and silver wreaths, candy canes and swirls. It’s still one of my all time favorite trees. And that’s why, paired with the words “Happy Christmas”, (a nod to my fascination of the British) it’s included in one of the Christmas card assortments.

There are two Christmas card assortments:

CMAS1 is a little more traditional and includes 1 each of 8 different designs.

CMAS2 is for the kid in us. It’s a “Cookies for Santa” assortment and will include 2 each of 4 designs. By the way, no animals or celiacs were harmed in the making or consumption of these cookies. They are all vegan and gluten free. And because Santa didn’t get them all, I can tell you that they were also pretty yummy.