365 Project: January 18-21

I got sick a few weeks back and got behind on posting, but I’ve been shooting and will be catching up to date over the next couple days.

January 18

Art supply love

D R Simpson Gallery: January 18, 2016 #drsimpson #drsimpson365 #365project #artsupplylove


January 19

Sick day reruns

D R Simpson Gallery: January 19, 2016 #drsimpson #drsimpson365 #365project #sickday #reruns




January 20

Apparently, when I’m home sick, I end up doing portraiture of stuffed snow men (more accurately, snow woman).






January 21

This is pretty much what I looked like all week.

D R Simpson Gallery: January 21, 2016 #drsimpson #drsimpson365 #365project #sickday

Anna – Class of 2014

First of all…yes, it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted an entry on this blog.  Yes, I’ve moved from my old blogspot address so some of the formatting in earlier posts is wacky and some of the pictures are small.  I hope to correct those in the upcoming days.  I also hope to blog here more.   And, just in case you go wandering around the site…it doesn’t all match yet and some of it’s empty…I’m redesigning.

Now on to the real point of this post: Anna!


I got the great pleasure to go out with her and her mom yesterday to do a photo shoot for Anna’s senior pictures. She  is involved in her HS drama dept, is looking forward to going to college next semester, and loves horses.  In fact, we went to a horse farm where she volunteers to do the shoot.   I’ve known Anna for a little over a year, but I just met (and loved) her little silly streak yesterday.

I’m going to share a few more photos than I typically would on a single blog post.  We’re having a little issue with FB security features (not surprisingly, her mom wants to share them before she gets the CD in her hands).  But Anna’s so lovely and has such an infectious smile that I’m sure you won’t mind a bit.  Here ya go…


We spent a little time hanging out with the horses…




This one was sure keeping an eye on me to make sure I wasn’t trying to pull a fast one.



Anna’s favorite horse, Sienna, gets a treat.






We couldn’t have the sweet little donkeys getting jealous.





This one has been an early favorite of the viewers on Facebook.Anna5wm



I’m not sure how many times we tried this one.  Three, I think.  I kept taking too long, so Anna lost her balance.  I think it was worth the wait though.  Thanks for hanging in with me.



Speaking of multiple attempts, I think this was the fourth jump.  It wasn’t what we were originally going for, but her almost losing her hat gives it a fun air that I couldn’t have planned.  I love “happy accidents”


“Hey, Anna, could you hang out in this tree for a minute?”
“Sure, just don’t ask me to climb it”




“Hey, Dawn, I want to do some pictures in this hammock”
Good call, girl.  Good call.



Same shot in b/w, letterboxed.


How adorable is she?


“We can just tell everyone I got tired toward the end”

It’s always hard for me to pick favorites from a shoot.  I love so many of them because of the differences in lighting, background, facial expressions.  Although, I have more to go through to get Anna all her proofs, as of now this one is first runner up for my favorite.



And, my pick for favorite so far?  Definitely this one.  Can’t you just see her in a western magazine?



More Cami!

Since the last time I posted, I have finished going through all the shots for Cami. I think I have almost as much fun with this as I do at the shoot. I managed to get 334 down to around 170 and then down to a disk of 34 of my favorites for her. From that 34, it was hard for me to pick just a few more favorites to share with you, but here they are. As much fun as digital shots are, the most exciting thing is having real prints in my hand. Especially real prints on that beautiful metallic paper. I can’t wait to get together with her so she can have real prints too :)

How lucky am I? First urban, senior shoot

I had the best time this morning making our way around downtown with my favorite senior – my niece Cami. I’ve been dying to do an urban shoot. It just so happens that Cami didn’t know that, but asked me if I would do her senior portraits. Even though I’m crazy busy getting ready for the expo next week and wont be able to go through all 300+ shots until after that, I promised her I’d post a couple of my favorites today. These are for you Cami. You’re beautiful. I love you.

It makes me a little sad that your school portrait has to have a nature background. While there are some good ones there too, this one in your favorite shirt with that awesome yellow background just makes me smile.

By the way, according to Cami, it really hurts your feet to jump that high off of brick steps and land on concrete in your bare feet. I’m glad it was her idea.