365 Project: March 9, 2016

As I’ve indicated on my Facebook page, I have not given up on my 365 project at all.  I’ve been shooting every day.  I just haven’t gotten a chance to catch up everything all at once.  In an effort not to get further behind, I’m going to post out of order just to get back on track.  I think in the upcoming days, while continuing to shoot daily, I’ll plan to post weekly (or maybe twice a week).

I’ve been having a lot of fun trying to get new shots and working on my editing skills during this time while the only camera I have available is my phone.  New equipment coming soon, I hope.

But, if you’ve seen any of my photos over the years, you know I love shooting flowers.  I thought this one was particularly lovely.


D R Simpson Gallery Project 365: March 9, 2016 #drsimpsongallery #drsimpson365 #365project #flowers

365 Project: January 12-15, 2016

January 12:
Early morning low lying clouds looked a little like mountains in the distance.

D R SImpson Gallery: January 12, 2016 #drimpsongallery #drsimpson365 #trees #clouds



January 13
A lovely friend brought me these lovely flowers yesterday.  Thanks, D. <3


D R Simpson Gallery: January 13, 2016 #drsimpsongallery #drsimpson365 #tulips #flowers




January 14:2016
Yesterday’s tulips are opening up beautifully!


D R Simpson Gallery: January 14, 2016 #drsimpsongallery #drsimpson365 #tulips #flowers




January 15, 2016
While I’ve been recovering from my wrist surgery, I haven’t gotten to all the normal places.  Today my sweet mama drove me here.  Hello, old friend.

D R Simpson Gallery: January 15, 2016 #drsimpsongallery #drsimpson365 #wholefoodsmarket #wfm