Macro Shots Through Freelensing

Over the last month or so, while reading through a photography forum and Facebook page, I kept seeing the term “freelensing” come up. But, I had no idea what it was or why I would care.

Come to find out, it’s taking your lens off the camera and turning it around to use it as a macro lens. Macro…that’s why I care. I love detail shots and have always taken as many as possible. But in the past, since I don’t have a macro lens, I could only get so close.

While reading this article on the Pretty Presets site, I found out that you can use an adapter to actually attach your lens to your camera backwards. Since I’m a bit clumsy, this made me much more comfortable.   I ended up getting an adapter that didn’t fit my 50mm lens, but it fit my 18-55mm just perfectly.  I have not been disappointed.

You can’t use auto focus with the lens attached backwards. Any tiny movement by you or the subject changes the focus.  But, (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) that’s part of the fun.  Freelensing is part exacting, part completely unpredictable – kinda like me.

Within the first shot or three, I ended up with this!

Macro Shots Through Freelensing


I was in love.  Of course, not every shot turns out.  Sometimes even when they don’t really turn out, they still kinda do.


Here are some of the freelensing shots I’ve gotten so far.  (If you follow my Facebook page, you may have seen a few already)  I wouldn’t be surprised if more turn up before long.  I’m having just a little too much fun.























Day 70: March 10, 2012

I saw on Pinterest that there are folks taking “vintage” shots by using their digital camera to take pictures through the viewfinders of vintage cameras. Enter my granddad’s old Brownie…

The viewfinder has definitely seen better days, and this is harder than it looks, but here are a couple of my attempts.

And I tried a few times to get a good shot of this shoe through the viewfinder and couldn’t get one, so I just took a picture and edited to make it look more vintage.

Day 11: January 11, 2012

In order to continue with the 365 project, I had to swing by the store for a new SD card. Did you know SD cards could do this?

Well, they can. And after they do, you might be able to get a couple more days out of them by treating them gingerly. But eventually, you’ll see the “Memory Card Error” message on your camera screen.

After the memory card crisis was averted, it was time to turn to my night off from working out. Not working out affords time to make crust. Hello, homemade pizza! (and a couple episodes of Pawn Stars)

Day 6: January 6, 2012

This week, we welcomed into the world the precious daughter of my dear friend, “the other Dawn” and her wonderful husband Jarrod. Though there were some earlier concerns to the contrary, Baby Rhylee has been blessed with wonderful health! I was happy to be visiting today when she had her first official photo shoot. There are so many people that love this little baby already <3