365 Project: January 18-21

I got sick a few weeks back and got behind on posting, but I’ve been shooting and will be catching up to date over the next couple days.

January 18

Art supply love

D R Simpson Gallery: January 18, 2016 #drsimpson #drsimpson365 #365project #artsupplylove


January 19

Sick day reruns

D R Simpson Gallery: January 19, 2016 #drsimpson #drsimpson365 #365project #sickday #reruns




January 20

Apparently, when I’m home sick, I end up doing portraiture of stuffed snow men (more accurately, snow woman).






January 21

This is pretty much what I looked like all week.

D R Simpson Gallery: January 21, 2016 #drsimpson #drsimpson365 #365project #sickday

Day 44: February 13, 2012

Ok, Ok…yes this is how I spent some of my afternoon off.

But who can resist the Emily episodes? Yes, Brandon, after she slipped you the euphoria, you need to be rid of her. And just a heads-up, she’s gonna destroy that float you’re working so hard on for the homecoming parade.