Completely Board Post #16: Carrot Cake Protein Smoothie

Veg-am's Completely Board - Vegan Month of Food 2014

Vegan MoFo only has a few more days!  I can’t believe it’s gone by quickly.  I’m cutting it close, but I actually have a good chance of finishing my 20 posts by the end of the month. I have a plan, now let’s see if I can stick to it.  I’m actually loving the feeling of using some of my Pinterest pins, and there are so many more that I still want to try. I may just end up doing the occasional Completely Board post even after Vegan MoFo has ended.   Now on to post #16…

I love fresh juices and smoothies.  We’re fortunate to have a juice/smoothie bar right here in our own little town, but it can be an expensive habit. So, while I’ll go there for the occasional treat, I like to make my juices and smoothies right here at home.  I pinned this Carrot Cake Protein Smoothie sometime last year and can’t believe I waited so long especially since I always have all the ingredients in my kitchen.

Carrot Cake Protein Smoothie

This is going to be short and sweet (just like me…he he).  I followed the instructions using homemade carrot juice and Jarrow Vanilla Brown Rice Protein (2 Tbsp).  The only thing I changed is I used original almond milk and added 1/8 tsp vanilla extract.

It’s pretty.  It’s sweet.  It surprised me, but It really does taste a little like carrot cake. Yay for another keeper!


1 food 5 ways, Sweet Potatoes, Way #3: Sweet Potato Pie Juice

A couple months ago, I was doing a short juice fast. Generally, I preferred the vegetable-y green juices, but one day I really wanted something sweet. This was it!
Sweet Potato Pie Juice
Makes about 1 cup, depending on your juicer and the size of your ingredients

Put through the juice extractor:

1 large sweet potato (9-10 oz)
1 fuji apple
Stir 1/4 tsp pumpkin pie spice into the juice
Place in a airtight glass container or bottle and chill. (It is one of those juices that will leave/some sugar or starch on the glass, don’t get worried if you see a buildup in the bottom)
Shake and enjoy!
Just so ya know, YES, I do plan on finishing up the theme and doing a wrap-up by the end of tomorrow. But if I don’t finish tomorrow, I will finish up in the days following just as if mofo hasn’t ended.

1 Food 5 Ways, Kale, Way #1: Not-so-mean Green Juice

I have to admit, until about 2 years ago, I was one of those people that heard the word “kale” and turned my nose up at it. How times have changed. There is rarely a time when I don’t have kale in my fridge or on my grocery list. It is one of my favorite vegetables and is much more versatile than I ever imagined. And it’s so nutritious! Check out kale on World’s Healthiest Foods for more information on just how good it is for you. When you’re done being amazed, check out way #1 for using kale – JUICE!

I’ve recently started juicing and I quite like this one that I made up to use some fruit and veg hanging around my fridge. The kale is much less obvious in juice than I would have expected even though it makes up the bulk of it. And don’t forget, it packs a powerhouse of nutrients! I would typically drink this as one serving as a light meal or a snack, but if you’re serving it along side a full breakfast breakfast, it could serve two.

Not-so-mean Green Juice
  • 1 cup spinach, packed
  • 3 cups curly kale, packed
  • 1 large granny smith apple (If you like your juice sweeter, use a fuji. If you like it really sweet, use two)
  • 5 large strawberries
  • 30 green grapes
Put all ingredients, preferably cold, through the juice extractor (some juicers suggest you put greens through first, but follow your juicer’s instructions). Stir final juice, pour and enjoy. It’s most nutritious right away, but can be stored in a glass container in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. Sometimes I’ll put it in the freezer just long enough to chill it. Don’t let it freeze – glass WILL break.
If you can’t convince someone of this juice’s sweet, fruity goodness because of its vivid green color, pour it into a cocktail glass and garnish it up! Maybe that’ll help. If it doesn’t…more juice for you! :)


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