Completely Board Post #13: Spinach Tortillas

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I may or may not have cheated a bit and added this pin after I decided to go with this theme.  I really don’t remember.  It may be that it’s just the one that pushed me over the edge in making the theme decision.  Either way, I’ve been looking forward to trying these Spinach Tortillas from Allergy Free Alaska (non-vegan site, vegan post).

I’m way too lazy to roll out tortillas by hand, so I made mine a little smaller and used my handy tortilla press (I got 14 tortillas).  If you’re a taco fan, and don’t have a tortilla press, please for the love of all that’s good, get one.  I got mine on sale at a kitchen store for about ten bucks, so it’s not a huge investment.  Not only am I a taco fan, I’ll stick pretty much anything inside a tortilla and eat it.   A hot tortilla with just Earth Balance?  Also a winner.  Daiya cream cheese and grape jam? I’m there.  But I digress…

I love corn tortillas, but I’ve been trying to find a tortilla that isn’t corn based and doesn’t crack to pieces when you roll or fold them.  Guess what?

Spinach Tortilla

I was holding it closed in this picture, and the tortilla was hot and fresh, but look…it rolls without cracking.   When it’s cold, it cracks, but what about just warming it up?

I had these simple Beyond Meat “beefy” crumble and avocado tacos for breakfast this morning.  I put the tortillas, one at a time, over the beefy crumble as it was cooking in the skillet to heat it up. And then tried it out.

Spinach Tortilla Taco

It folded.  It didn’t crack.  Yes, I had tacos with a side of tomatoes for breakfast.  Don’t judge.

I did have to add more water than the original poster said.  I had to add 7 Tbsp after the setting of the dough.  But it was easy to work with and had a nice pliability from the psyllium husk powder.  I also never got any “bubbling” to know when to flip it.  For me, 30 seconds a side was perfect.

This is definitely the best non-corn tortilla I’ve had.  After I had my first bite, I had to get a non-gluten-freer to take a bite because I thought it might have a weird chew to it.  Yeah, not weird, it’s just that I haven’t had a flour tortilla in over seven years and I forgot they had a chew to them that corn tortillas don’t have.  Because it was new, I was standing there trying to decide if I liked it while I was searching for the Earth Balance in the fridge.  By the time I found it (in the crisper drawer?!) that tortilla was gone. I guess I liked it.

This tortilla was a little thick compared to what I’m used to (and I think mine were a bit thinner than the nickel-thickness suggested), but I think at this thickness, it could completely work as a flatbread or even a pita replacement.  In fact, I had a couple for dinner slathered in homemade hummus.

I am looking forward to getting out the mama wooden tortilla press and trying to make a real burrito one day.


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